Ghosts & You

10 months ago

Boo! Let's get this amazing spooky month started with something as old as ghosts, ghosts! Alicia & Terra give you what you always want, knowledge. Where do ghosts come from? How can you find a ghost? How do you MAKE a ghost? (Hint: don't do it). Witches in the News, and a Communication Balm to help you get through to your politically ignorant uncle.

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Hosted by Alicia Herder and Terra Keck.

Produced by Marcel Pérez.

Creative Directing by Mallory Porter.

Music by Kevin MacLeod.

"Spellbound" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Portland Protesters “The Witches”

November 3rd is Election Day in the United States!

Hulu’s Pen15 and Introducing Awkward Preteens to Witchcraft

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